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He has often remarked that through these years of highs and lows, if there was one thing that held him in good stead, then it was ‘writing’! He referred to ‘writing’ as the raison d'être of his existence and it most certainly was. This gentle soul who had contributed so much to the University for eleven long years, retired in the year 1980.


H. S. K.’s long journey as a columnist had its humble beginnings in the Kannada Sahitya Parishat’s “Kannada Nudi” newspaper. Following this, he would pen hundreds of articles on plethora of topics ranging from Literature, Culture, Economics, Public discourse & Politics in Kannada periodicals & newspapers like ‘Deshabandhu’, ‘Vishwakarnataka’, ‘Prajavani’ and ‘Sudha’. In his later years, H. S. K. penned many an article for ‘Samyuktha Karnataka’, ‘Taranga’, 'Star of Mysore’ and ‘Mysuru Mithra’ newspapers as well.



Krishnaswamy Iyengar’s writings are voluminous and span nearly six decades. His weekly column ‘Varada Vyakthi’ (Person of the Week) which appeared in the Kannada weekly “Sudha” continued for several years and had enough material to be collected into three big volumes! A collection of nearly 306 articles by H. S. K. on a wide range of topics covering literature, culture, arts, spirituality, education, music, law and administration appeared under the title “Belaku Chellida Baduku”. His next work “Manyaru Samanyaru” was another collection of nearly 299 character sketches of people of national and international repute that he had written over a decade. His next compendium “Gaganachukki Barachukki” had a staggering number of character sketches (nearly 562!) compiled within it. His last collection of such sketches was titled “Minchu Gonchalu”. Across these four volumes, one is able to glimpse into H. S. K.’s staggering repertoire of topics, biographical information and socio-political trivia that easily span continents, decades and cultural boundaries with effortless ease.


If there is one singular observation that readers time and again make about H. S. K.’s writings, it is this: - They are beautifully laid out, replete with an often astonishing amount of information and yet remarkably devoid of any bias and prejudice. D. L. Narasimhachar probably described H. S. K.’s writing the best when he said thus: “H. S. Krishnaswamy Iyengar’s writings embody the use of simple


Dr. H. S. K.

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26 Aug 1920


29 Aug 2008


Central College (Bangalore), University of Mysore, Benaras Hindu University, Banumaiah's College, Mysore


Kannada Columnist over four decades, over thousand character sketches, chronicling of day to day events for various Kannada periodicals (Varada Vyakthi in Sudha Magazine).


“Belaku Chellida Baduku”,“Mukti Marga”, “Kannadadalli Vidambana Sahitya”, “Kuvempu Sahityadalli Vishistadvaita – Darshana”


‘Karnataka Sahitya Akademi Award’ , ‘Karnataka Patrika Akademi Award’, ‘Rajyotsava Award’ , ‘Viswamanava Award’ , 'D. Litt'

Copyright Free - Public Domain


Portrait Photograph - H. S. K.

(H. S. Krishnaswamy Iyengar)

language, a healthy absence of unnecessary adjectives, a beautiful structuring of sentences, content that is devoid of any ambiguity in its import, highly relatable illustrations & examples drawn from everyday life and most importantly a measured yet generous style of expression – an eclectic mix of qualities that one wishes for in every writer”.  


H. S. K. tried his hand at Essay writing and found much success there as well. Some collections of his essays are “Jedana Bale”, “Modada Maye”, “Chandrakanthi” (originally written for Akashvani lectures), “Minchina Hudi” and “Gaddala” (on the hustle and bustle of city life). His foray into Novel writing was also met


H. S. K. in his study

with considerable success. His evocative description of the travails and triumphs of an educated village boy who goes back to his village in an attempt to lead the village in its development and betterment program, materialized as his first novel “Mukti Marga”. H. S. K. beautifully captured the social and political challenges & aspirations of a princely state in the immediate years after Independence, in his second novel “Bayakeya Belè”. His third and last novel was “Kurukshetra”. His collection of short stories came out under the titles of “Aa Chitra” and “Muppina Sangathi”.


More serious writing from H. S. K.’s pen came forth in the form of literary critiques. His work  “Kannadadalli Vidambana Sahitya” received the ‘Kannada Sahitya Parishat Award’. H. S. K. was probably among the first to see Kuvempu’s works in the light of ‘Vishistadvaita’ – a curious and novel perspective for its time. This unique take on Kuvempu’s writings came forth in a seminal work titled “Kuvempu Sahityadalli Vishistadvaita – Darshana”. Interestingly enough, H. S. K.’s balanced views on Shankaracharya’s, Ramanujacharya’s and Madhvacharya’s ideologies found voice in his work “Deva, Jeeva, Jagathu”. His take on poetry resulted in his first collection of poems - “Davanada Kone” (1989) followed twelve years later by his second collection – “Tingalurina Teru” (2001).


'Nammelara Srirama'

Book release function

(Dr. Mathuru Krishnamurthy,

H. S. K., K. B. Ganapathy &

A. V. Narasimha Murthy) 

H. S. K. (H. S. Krishnaswamy Iyengar)

H. S. K. receiving 'Karnataka Patrika Akademi Prashasthi (award)'

H. S. K.'s 60th birthday celebration

(L-R - H. S. K., Ku. Shi. Haridas Bhat, Khadri Shamanna, A. N. Murthy Rao & H. M. Nayak)

H. S. K. in his study H. S. K. receiving 'Karnataka Patrika Akademi Prashasthi (award)' H. S. K.'s 60th birthday celebration (L-R - H. S. K., Ku. Shi. Haridas Bhat, Khadri Shamanna, A. N. Murthy Rao & H. M. Nayak) Portrait Photograph - H. S. K. (H. S. Krishnaswamy Iyengar) 'Nammelara Srirama' book release function (Dr. Mathur Krishnamurthy, H. S. K., K. B. Ganapathy & A. V. Narasimha Murthy)