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The economist in him came to light when he wrote a beautiful comparative study of India’s Five Year Plans alongside post Second World War economic plans of other European and Asiatic nations. This came out under the heading of “Namma Abhivruddhi Yojanegalu”. It is probably pertinent to mention here that H. S. K. had the rare distinction of being among the chief participants in a premier meeting of “Yojana” chaired by then Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.


An eternal proponent of Kannada language and literature, H. S. K. championed the use of Kannada in administrative circles and worked out an early framework for this. This was published as “Vyavaharika Kannada”. He edited works like “Banking Nighantu”, “Dasa-sahitya Darshana”, “Gandhiji: Ondu Punardarshana”, “Avalokana” and “Akashavani”. H. S. K. did not limit his writing to Kannada. His English works include “Movers and Shakers of Mysore” [Two Volumes], “Kuvempu”, “Bendre”, “Shivarama Karanth” and “Masti”.  


Personal Life

H. S. K. married Champalakshmi in July 1945. They had two children – Parthasarathy and Geetha. Champalakshmi in H. S. K.’s own words deserves a great deal of praise and gratitude, for it was her ‘patience’ and unending ‘love and dedication’ which saw the family through times both difficult and happy. It was she who comforted and offered succour to H. S. K. when he came home after resigning from his vocation of twenty years at Banumaiah’s College – a time when the family literally had no other means of income! Fifty four years of married life made Champalakshmi H. S. K.’s most endearing and trusted companion. Sadly, she passed away on 4 November, 1999.


Following his retirement from the University, H. S. K. enjoyed his retirement years with long walks by the picturesque Kukkerhalli lake near his house. His writing kept him busy during these years and he played host more than once to guests like former Prime Minister H. D. Devegowda (among others) at his humble abode in Saraswathipuram. It is indeed a matter of some considerable pain, that this gentle giant of letters had to struggle to make ends meet in his final years as he had no pension coming his way! A sad result, we learn, of the vagaries of our unforgiving system.


Dr. H. S. K. 

(H. S. Krishnaswamy Iyengar)












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26 Aug 1920


29 Aug 2008


Central College (Bangalore), University of Mysore, Benaras Hindu University, Banumaiah's College, Mysore


Kannada Columnist over four decades, over thousand character sketches, chronicling of day to day events for various Kannada periodicals (Varada Vyakthi in Sudha Magazine).


“Belaku Chellida Baduku”,“Mukti Marga”, “Kannadadalli Vidambana Sahitya”, “Kuvempu Sahityadalli Vishistadvaita – Darshana”


‘Karnataka Sahitya Akademi Award’ , ‘Karnataka Patrika Akademi Award’, ‘Rajyotsava Award’ , ‘Viswamanava Award’ , 'D. Litt'

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Portrait Photograph - H. S. K.

(H. S. Krishnaswamy Iyengar)



H. S. K. received the ‘Karnataka Sahitya Akademi Award’ in (1981), ‘Karnataka Patrika Akademi Award’ (1996), ‘Rajyotsava Award’ (1997), ‘Viswamanava Award’ (1999), ‘H. K. Veeranna Gowda award’ (1996), ‘Ha Ma Na Award’ (1999), ‘Rotary Model Award’ (2000), Gadag’s ‘Kala Chethana Cultural Academy’s – ‘Ankanasrhi Award’ (2000), several felicitations from religious mutts like Siddaganga mutt (Tumkur) and Chitradurga mutt, felicitation volumes – ‘Ayda Barahagalu’ (60th birthday) & ‘Samadarśi’ (75th birthday) and an Honorary Doctorate (D. Litt) from the University of Mysore in 2004.


It is probably pertinent here to narrate an anecdotal experience often recanted in the journalistic circles with regard to H. S. K. - a young chap who had just then cleared his I. A. S. exams came rushing into the chambers of ‘Sudha’ magazine one day and exclaimed that he was the first person to have cleared the exam having written it in Kannada! A tall claim indeed, but not an unexpected one. But what was to follow this made it a memorable incident. He added that for his exam preparation, he seldom ever visited a library or a book store – instead all he apparently did was diligently read H. S. K.’s weekly columns which covered just about everything under the sun! Such was H. S. K.’s reach.




For the phenomenal output that he churned out through four decades, accolades came late to Krishnaswamy Iyengar. To him, writing was its own ultimate reward. He once famously described his manner of writing in the words of Somerset Maugham as embodying a “Style-less style”! Popularly known as the ‘Walking Encyclopedia’, Pu. Ti. Narasimhachar once famously quipped: “Who has not heard of H. S. K.?


H. S. K. (H. S. Krishnaswamy Iyengar)

Portrait Photographs of H. S. K.

(H. S. Krishnaswamy Iyengar)

Portrait Photograph of H. S. K. (H. S. Krishnaswamy Iyengar) Portrait Photograph of H. S. K. (H. S. Krishnaswamy Iyengar) Portrait Photograph of H. S. K. (H. S. Krishnaswamy Iyengar) Portrait Photograph of H. S. K. (H. S. Krishnaswamy Iyengar) Portrait Photograph of H. S. K. (H. S. Krishnaswamy Iyengar)

Portrait Photographs of H. S. K.

(H. S. Krishnaswamy Iyengar)