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To list the topics he touched on would be an Herculean effort in itself. Economics, Kannada Lexicography, Short Stories, Novels, Essays, Reviews, Spiritualism, Linguistics, Educational Studies, Biographies, Arts, Music, Culture and Translations (to name a few!). His columns featured personalities like Tennis star John McEnroe, anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela, economist & Nobel laureate Amartya Sen, historians like Dr S. Srikanta Sastri, thespians like Dr Rajkumar, Theologians like Shankara – Ramanuja and Madhavacharya, Sanskritists like Mathooru Krishnamurthy, Politicians and statesmen like Jayprakash Narayan & Indira Gandhi, writers like Kuvempu, Bendre & Ta. Ra. Su. and artists like Raja Ravi Varma & Picasso among others. This short list is not even the tip of the phenomenal ice-berg that constitutes H. S. K.’s life-long output. Yet, through these thousand plus character sketches, the one redeeming quality that sets H. S. K. apart has to be that his writing on an individual or an idea or an entity was almost always factual, devoid of inherent bias and never tinged with any particular ideology or view point. Herein lies his greatness and in my opinion his everlasting message to readers and writers of our generation – that it is entirely plausible and no doubt possible to be objective, factual and yet complimentary without necessarily having to find oneself all too often on one side of a fence. The gentleness and affable sentiment, that this man espoused so effortlessly through his wonderful smile and sense of bearing is something surely we must emulate, for it can quite easily be the panacea for today’s general state of unease and unrest in our world.


H. S. Krishnaswamy Iyengar passed away at the age of 88 years on 29 August, 2008 due to ill health. This giant of a writer was denied a pension for all of his retirement years and had to struggle to make ends meet!








1.“Dr H. S. K. – Baduku Baraha” by G. K. Ravindra Kumar

2.“H. S. K.” (85th birthday Celebration Volume) – Ed. by Dr. M. G. R. Urs

3.“Belaku Chellida Baduku” by H. S. K.

4.C. V. of H. S. K. in H. S. K.’s own handwriting.

5.Logistical help graciously extended by H. S. K.’s son Parthasarathy.


Dr. H. S. K.

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26 Aug 1920


29 Aug 2008


Central College (Bangalore), University of Mysore, Benaras Hindu University, Banumaiah's College, Mysore


Kannada Columnist over four decades, over thousand character sketches, chronicling of day to day events for various Kannada periodicals (Varada Vyakthi in Sudha Magazine).


“Belaku Chellida Baduku”,“Mukti Marga”, “Kannadadalli Vidambana Sahitya”, “Kuvempu Sahityadalli Vishistadvaita – Darshana”


‘Karnataka Sahitya Akademi Award’ , ‘Karnataka Patrika Akademi Award’, ‘Rajyotsava Award’ , ‘Viswamanava Award’ , 'D. Litt'

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H. S. K. (H. S. Krishnaswamy Iyengar)