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Interestingly, while the present logo of the Sahitya Parishath designed by B. M. Srikantaiah was accepted rather unanimously, there was no such concurrence on the organization’s very name! ‘Karnataka Samsada’, ‘Karnataka Mahasabha’, ‘Karnataka Parishad’, ‘Kannada Koota’ and ‘Kannadigara Koota’ were just some of the names put forth as the probable choices.  


Interestingly, on the day of inauguration of the Kannada Sahitya Parishat, H. V. Nanjundaiah was to deliver the inaugural address and he did so in English! This raised quite a few eyebrows. Bellave Venkatanaranappa who was also sitting on the dais remarked, rather loudly, that this English speech at the inauguration of a Kannada Sahitya Parishath was “Utter Nonsense”! Nanjundaiah who heard this remark, continued in English and finished his speech. The import of Nanjundaiah’s address was so comprehensive and well laid out that Venkatanaranappa had already forgotten his disagreement and was vigorously clapping in Nanjundaiah’s favour. It was then that Nanjundaiah made his way from the mic towards his seat and on his way, stopped by Venkatanaranappa and quipped comically “Mr Venkatanaranappa, pray tell me what language does the word “Nonsense” belong to..?” Venkatanaranappa was of course taken aback and said that the content of the speech was of course profound, but he felt that it would have been a lot more befitting had it been delivered in Kannada instead of English. Both were long-time friends and thus shared a hearty laugh.


While in office, H. V. Nanjundaiah passed away in May of 1920.


H. V. Nanjundaiah






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13 Oct. 1860


May 1920



Wesleyan Mission High School,

Madras Christian College.


Law, Administration, Educational Sciences, Ethography, Kannada Language & Literature.


Kannada Sahitya Parishath, University of Mysore, Maharani College




First Vice Chancellor of University of Mysore



‘Rajamantra Praveena’,

Companion of the Indian Empire (CIE),

“Vyavahara Deepike”,

“Vyavahara Dharmashastra”  







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Participants of the first Kannada Sahitya Parishat

H. V. Nanjundaiah Participants of the first Kannada Sahitya Parishat